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Live Streaming vs. VOD Streaming: Everything you Need to Know

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The new era of online media content has introduced countless new terms and acronyms for you to remember, although sometimes it can get complicated. One such moment of confusion can be understanding the difference between video on demand (VOD) and live streaming. Are they similar, or are they different from each other?

Difference Between VOD Streaming and Live Streaming

A live stream is content recorded and transmitted in real-time over the internet. They are not on-demand as they are in the process of being recorded. It’s then transmitted live and recorded at the same time.

Once the stream is done, it can be uploaded onto a site like Twitch TV or YouTube, accessed as a video on demand. Bear in mind that not all VODs were live-streamed originally, and not all streams will turn into VODs. You will find an overlap between them, but they’re not the same.

Meanwhile, VOD is videos that are accessible whenever you make a request. Compared to live streaming, they are never live and are pre-recorded programs. The confusion between streaming and VODs may stem from the fact that streamed shows can be converted into VODs after they’re no longer live.

With VOD, you can watch your favorite shows as often and as much as possible. You also have the option to rewind or pause whenever you desire. This service allows you to have more programs than ever before that are accessible, so viewers never get bored of watching them repeatedly. 

The difference between live streaming and video on demand may seem difficult to discern at first, but the difference between the two becomes simpler. That’s especially true after you realize live streaming is about the uniqueness of real-time experience while VOD is about the convenience of access after being shot.

VODs are awesome, as they can be accessed any time of the day, and streams are awesome, too, due to the potential for live interaction.

The Similarity of Live Streaming and VOD Streaming

The only similarity between VOD Streaming and live streaming solutions is that they are both video content. Both types of video content can produce substantially positive results for your brand. They enable you to reach viewers in real-time, not to mention you can repurpose the broadcast to make videos on demand.

This content is the ideal way to build a personality for your organization or business and your brand, allowing you to connect with your target viewers and earn their trust. The more videos you have to help inform and educate your audience, the more you’ll build on trust. Don’t forget that trust always converts to sales.

When Better to Build Live Video Streaming Platform

Live broadcasts normally suit scenarios where you need to build a trustable and personal connection with your audience in real-time. Considering the existing coronavirus pandemic that requires businesses to change their operations online, the value of live streaming is increasing more than ever.

It will help if you plan to determine how you like to use live videos to improve your business and monetize your services and product offerings. One benefit of live streaming is that you can repurpose them to make a video library of on-demand videos so your users can watch the content you have broadcasted live later.

Here are some questions you need to consider if you like to use live stream:

  • Can your content benefit from live engagement and interaction?

Events, webinars, and product launches can benefit from real-time interaction, as your audience gets to send questions and feel like they’re part of something.

  • Do you like to make more content while boosting productivity?

Live broadcasts can be in-depth, long-form content that enables you to repurpose that content in different ways, like articles, podcasts, images with quotes, and even videos on demand.

  • Is this detailed content that would be long for a VOD?

Remember that viewers are more likely to watch live streams for much longer than videos on demand, and it’s simpler to keep them engaged. Is your content too much for a short VOD? Then consider live streaming. You can then cut it into small-sized videos and post them as VODs.

When Better to Launch VOD Streaming Platform

Video on demand is a standard way of making and delivering video content. Many content creators create videos, upload them on video platforms so users can see them. VOD has changed the way videos are broadcasted and watched.

VOD streaming is trending these days as more users enjoy online streaming than ever, particularly during the pandemic. Moreover, on-demand videos enable users to watch videos from the device of their choice.

Launching a VOD service works perfectly if you like your target audience with the convenience of picking when to watch your content. People often use VOD services for different reasons.

You see, VOD is more than simply binge-watching entertainment videos on video streaming apps such as Netflix. The convenience of watching any videos from various niches, such as religion, fitness, education, and entertainment, among others, from anywhere based on the user’s convenience is the beauty of VOD streaming.

Consider these questions below if you like to use VOD:

  • Do you like to bring high-production-value content?

Rich content is essential, and you must strive to make it regularly. However, sweet and short videos that deliver product value have benefits as well. If you like to offer value in a short time while captivating your viewers, then VOD is the ideal way to go.

  • Do you need editing to send your message?

Often, you need added resources to convey a message to your audience. For example, you like to combine different pre-recorded videos into one. That might be perfect for VOD, although live streaming enables more than talking heads if you have a live streaming software to give you tools.

  • Is your content specific and short?

Most videos last between three to fifteen minutes, even though the length of VOD varies a lot. Longer VOD is a podcast recording, instructional, a recorded live show, or something similar. A VOD can be practical if you can bring value to your viewer concisely.

Final Thoughts

Live streaming has a bit of benefit against VOD, but they both can help you widen your online reach and grow in 2021. Before picking your favorite and forgetting the rest, why don’t you create the ultimate video marketing strategy and combine both?

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