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LiveKit – Living Up to the Hype


Have you ever investigated the cost of accessing live streaming versus the production cost of the services provided? If so, you’ll know that the metered usage rates charged by commercial audio/video companies, or CPaaS providers, are a value-based payment system. They don’t match up to the already ubiquitous use of video and audio by a majority percentage on online users, and thus its relative affordability. Enter LiveKit, the free, democratizing, and openly sourced option for developing real-time multiplayer applications that can perform all the functions of the paid streaming services, minus the cost. Since its 2021 release, LiveKit development has been a game changer for businesses of all sorts wanting to augment their online functionalities with video conferencing tools and live streaming features. It also provides futuristic development possibilities in the Metaverse and robotics realms. Moravio LiveKit development company is the top solution for any business interested in expanding its online video communication or relay features, or in developing new livestreaming, video-conferencing, robotics, or Metaverse projects.

Go live to thrive with LIveKit

LiveKit is a flexible system for building many different types of audio and video functions for use in real-time. As such it has high applicability to businesses across all industries, unless your customers happen to fall into the minute 2% of online users who don’t currently access video content. LiveKit is recommended by the confirmed superiority of live video and audio over static imagery in creating virtual human connection options that can elevate interactions, promote retention rates, increase conversions, and raise revenue.

Getting the right kit for your business

Moravio LiveKit development services provide the flexibility of remote teams that are scaled to suit an individual client’s project needs. With more than ten years of quality project delivery experience, and a global employee workforce of talented software developers, engineers, designers, QAs, and project managers, from across the tech industry, Moravio guarantees results. Whatever the scale of project, Moravio retains a strong focus on client communications. This is expressed in initial discussions on the ultimate aim of your LiveKit development project, in the desig of its look, feel, and functionality, and in engagement with thorough quality control processes to ensure the deployed product is as high performance as possible. All Moravio team members are proficient across a wide spectrum of the latest technologies and frameworks, enabling them to ensure a sophisticated selection of all complementary technologies, and smooth integration with all your business’ systems in use. Finally, Moravio teams remain on hand for as long as you require to assist with any operational issues or fixes.

It is time for your company to get real with your online offerings, contributing more realtime video or audio features to your website or apps? If so, Moravio LiveKit development provides the ultimate opportunity to recruit skilled engineering and design talent to get you moving, increase customer bonds, and elevate sales or service revenue. As technology continues to evolve our communication methods, melting geographical boundaries with virtual connectivity, capitalize on the energy and potential of shared online spaces with enhanced vision and sound options, and develop with LiveKit today.

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