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Lock and Unlock Your Mac With iPhone Using Free Tether App

by Fahad Saleem
lock your mac with iphone tether

Security is one of the primary concerns of modern technology. Passwords, usernames, encryptions, smart locks and every other security measure is vulnerable for breach. This is the reason why developers keep on releasing smart security apps. Meet Tether, a new app for iPhone and Mac which allows you to enjoy distance-based locking.

There is no substitute of physical, fingerprint locking. Coupling a device with another device for security is another useful technique. The hackers can break-in using passwords, usernames, crack encryptions, but they cannot bring a working hardware device from the pocket of another user to unlock a coupled device. This is the concept behind Tether.

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Tether uses the state of the art latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology. You install the Tether app in your iPhone and its companion app in the Mac. That’s it. When configured, you can lock and unlock your Mac just by going near it, provided you have your iPhone with you.

lock your mac with iphone tether

You know the best part? Tether is free. A UK based firm was using this app as a small module in their projects. When the project was completed, the company decided to roll out this module as an app for iPhone and Mac. They launched it absolutely for free. There may be many other Mac unlocking and locking apps around, but this one is clean, free and reliable.

lock your mac with iphone tether

You can lock and unlock your Mac easily, without any clicks or taps. This is the best app for slackers like me, who don’t like to lock their computer every time they move from their seat. You can easily walk away from your Mac for any urgent work, lunch without worrying about any intruder who is ready to pounce on your security and data in your Mac. When you walk away, the Mac will be locked.

Download Tether for iPhone and Mac 

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