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Lock Password not Working for Android Device Manager [Solved]

by Fahad Saleem

A lot of people report that their lock password for Android device manager is not working. The problem seems to be random. One fine morning you wakeup and find out your Android device manger password pattern has been changed and you have been locked out. The password you had set is not working and you cannot try again and again as the system would lock you out.

Lock Password not Working for Android Device Manager

1- If you have a Samsung account, you are in luck. Go to find my mobile website of Samsung and login your account.  Now choose lockmydevice option and use a password to lock it.

Now go to your phone and you will see a Samsung lock screen. Use the password you set. But wait, you will get another lock screen of Android. In order to remove that, go to findmymobile Samsung website and you will see an option “unlock my device”. Use this option and your problem will be solved.

2- A lot of users have been able to fix Android device manager password not working problem by using Avast anti-theft website. Make an account on this website and then set a new password. Lock and unlock your device. This website allows you to bypass the ADM.

3- Perhaps the best and last-ditch solution to fix password not working in Android device manager is to hard reset your phone. Make sure to backup all the data before doing the reset.

4- Open Android Device Manager website in your computer.

Enter your Gmail account which you have used in your Android phone.

You will get three options: use the “Lock” option and set the password to 1234.

Now in your phone use the password and go to Settings-> Security and change your lock.

This is how to lock password for Android device manager not working. In case your problem isn’t fixed, comment on this post with details and we will get back to your with another solution.

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