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Look Ma No Hands: Leap Motion

by Anie Akpe

Look Ma No Hands: Leap Motion

Love to work on your computer hands free? Well, this is the product for you.  The good people at Leap Motion have made our lives easier by creating this handy gadget.  So how does it work?  The Leap Motion Controller senses how you naturally move your hands and allows you to use your computer in a whole new way. Point, wave, reach, or grab. Pick something up and move it. Do things you never dreamed possible. This device is small, light weight and perfect to pack for the avid traveler. Leap Motion works with your keyboard, mouse, or trackpad without additional adapters.  Leap-Motion

With Leap Motion, you’ll find new ways to play, create, and explore using just your hands and fingers in the air.  Plus with Airspace, the Leap Motion app store, you’ll find over 140 apps dedicated to gaming, music, art, science, productivity and much more.

You can purchase this product at just 79.99 directly from Leap Motion, just click on this link Leap Motion  

Also, check out the video below for additional information on this cool gadget.

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