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Looking for credible Bios on your favorite African artists? is the site

by Milicent Atieno

Looking for credible Bios on your favorite African artists? is the site

The African music and film scene is coming of age. Gone are the days when our living room’s television screens were filled with artists and actors from the West, to whom we could not readily identify with. Africa is now firmly established in the content production as far as music and film industry is concerned.

But one thing about music and movie fans, we are bound to like a particular singer or actor, to such an extent we idolize them. This phenomenon is not just unique to Africa. It can be seen all over the world; fans can come to appreciate the professionalism, creativity and prowess of a particular artist that they simply ‘fall in love’ with that particular artists.

Well, for this reason among others, a fan may want to get more information about a particular artist. By this, I mean information about artist that is not readily available in the artist’s songs or creative works. Information touching on their background; where they come from, what is their family background and which schools they went to among others.

Of course, there are numerous ways of doing this including stalking (which could get you arrested) and Wikipedia. But, you can never be sure of their authenticity. The publisher of that information could have ‘tweaked’ some information; with some little white lie over here, some false juicy gossip over there and a little bit of over-imagination somewhere else. The end-result being, the artist’s fans being fed the wrong information.

To counteract this possibility, one website has launched to give fans authentic, authoritative and most accurate bios on their favorite African artists. If you are looking for some bios information on your favorite artist, then Afrobios is the site you want to go to. They have a large database of information on African artists from all over the continent. The site has the following sections with information for a particular artists:

Basic Artist Info: Displays the artist’s real name, age, date of birth, current record label, genre & Country.

Background Sections: Displays the artist’s biography and other personal information like some trivia questions most fans would not have known about among other things.

Social Media Section: This gives you the official social media accounts held by the artists such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Artists Discography: This section has the artist’s albums and popular singles.

Reference: Gives you a list of the secondary sources used in coming up with the artist’s biography.

The site administrators can also vouch for all the information posted on their site, and can authoritatively say they are very accurate. So take the site for a test drive and see for yourself. Go to and search for bios on your favorite African artists, you may discover something new about your favorite artist.

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