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Looking for a job? Here are the best 10 Search Engines for job searching

by Felix Omondi
Looking for a job? Here are the best 10 Search Engines for job searching

Are you looking for a job? The internet should be your first place to look at, as it is faster and cheaper compared to the alternatives, which might include going from office to office. Well, you know how rude the security and the secretary can get, with their ‘do you have an appointment’ nonsense.

Well, let me spare you the trouble and save you the fare, by highlighting some of the best search engine tailor-made specifically for searching for jobs. They are as follows:

#1 – Indeed

This search engine is the leading search engine site for job seekers. When you are using it, you should start by entering the job title or the keyword and your location. You can further filter the returned results by specifying a specific range of desired salary, type of job, location, company, date, and level of experience.

Each listing will provide as much relevant information about the job as possible. Simply select one of the listed jobs, and a sidebar will pop open on the page providing you more information. That means you will not be troubling yourself navigating back and forth to the results.

When you find a job listing you would like to view later, you can save it for later or go ahead and apply right there and then. The site also allows you to upload your resume or create one there then make it searchable by companies looking to hire.

This search engine provides an advanced search option in addition to the basic search. You can also save your searches and sign up to receive email recommendations based on your search history.

#2 – Monster

This search engine is very similar to Indeed and has been helping people find jobs for more than 20 years now. You simply need to type in the keyword and your location.  You can also scroll down the home page and browse jobs listings according to their titles, locations, categories, or company.

You can then view your results and filter it according to date, distance, nearby cities, or skills. When you select a particular job, you get additional information including the date it was posted, skills required, job description, and related positions.

Using just a free account, you can save both jobs and searches. You can also create a profile, manage your resume and cover letters, and view your job applications history.

#3 – ZipRecruiter

The site has over eight million job listings and provides one of the most useful features for jobs search. When you sign up, you will start receiving helpful job openings notifications, ensuring you are always up-to-date with the newest jobs floated into the market.

You can use the search box on the homepage and type in the kind of job you are looking for, or you can scroll down to the bottom of the site and browse the trending jobs, titles, categories, companies, and cities.

#4 – LinkedIn Jobs

You probably use LinkedIn already for networking; few people use it for job hunting. Like the rest of the sites mentioned above, just go to the homepage and type in the job title in the search bar. You can type a keyword along with your location to run a search, or you can browse according to the industries.

To narrow down your search, you need to use filters like industry, company, location, job experience, or job title. LinkedIn Jobs allows you to create alerts based on your search history.

#5 – CareerBuilder

It more or less offers the same job search as the other sites above, except for one more additional feature. You can type in a keyword for the type of job you are looking for, the filter the results based on distance, salary, company, and job type. You can also choose up to three categories of jobs.

When you click on a specific job title, you will get more details including job description, requirements, and snapshot. You also get to see how many applications have been submitted to that job so far.

#6 – Simply Hired

Simply Hired works differently from the other sites mentioned above. When you run a search on the site and find a particular job listing, you are interested in, clicking it takes you to the hiring company’s site where you can apply.

You can run your search using job title, skills, company, or location. You can further filter the search results based on the job type, relevance, distance, and date. When you click on a particular listing, a full description will pop open on the same page; saving you the trouble of navigating back and forth.

If you are interested in the listed job, you can click on Apply Now button, and you will be taken to the hiring company’s site to apply directly to them.

Job Search for people who like Working Remotely

The 9-to-5 inside an office of a corporate organization is not for everyone. Other prefer working from the coffee shop, the park, or in their home office. If that is the type of person you are, the below section is for you.

#7 – We Work Remotely

If you are looking for remote jobs in copywriting, programming, design, marketing among others. Then We Work Remotely is the site you are looking for. Though quite basic in design, the site is user-friendly and one of the best to keep your eyes on if are looking to work remotely.

The homepage list jobs under eight categories; you simply scroll and see which one(s) you are interested in. Once you find a category that interests you, you can click to see more details and descriptions along with the preferred method of application; by email or website?

There is also the option of signing up to receive email notifications on specific categories of jobs. There is also the option of subscribing to RSS feed for the various job listings categories. If you want to work remotely, this is a site you will want to bookmark. As the jobs are posted there frequently and with consistency.

#8 – SkipTheDrive

SkipTheDrive aggregates job listings from multiple sources and makes your search simple yet far-reaching. At the homepage, you can enter the keyword for the job you are looking for, or browse by the categories.

When running a search, you can further filter the search result based on relevance, date, full or part-time, and location. When you see a job that you would like more details on, click the job title, and you will be directed to the job site where you can view the original listing. You can also sign up for email alerts based on your search history.

Job search for Technical skills

There are job listing sites specialized in technical positions such as programming, web development, and database administration among others. If you are interested in such kind of jobs, then the followings are the job search engines you should be using:

#9 – Dice

Dice has been around for a while and proven to be quite resourceful to job seekers looking for technical jobs. At the homepage, enter the job title or relevant keywords with a location to run a search on listed technical position jobs.

You can further filter the results based on location, company, distance, segment, type of employment, or opportunity to telecommute.

#10 – Stack Overflow

This is a great site for developers. Right at the top, there is a dedicated posts just for people looking for developer jobs. You can go ahead and browse through the specific jobs listed under either frontend or backend developers. It also has gaming and mobile developer jobs listed there too.

You can further filter down the job listing based on location keyword. You can also rank the jobs according to salary, matches, or newest.

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