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Looking to buy a large tablet? Get the new HP Chromebook x2 because Apple iPad Pro 12” is too expensive

by Felix Omondi
HP Chromebook x2

When it is all said and done, Apple still makes the best tablets in the market. That said, if you are in the market looking to buy a tablet, you might have considered Apple’s latest iPad Pro that comes with a ginomous 12.9-inch display with as equally as high ginomous price tag of $1,067. Well, if you not up to parting with that much money for tablet, the new HP Chromebook x2 might suffice with a $599 price tag.

HP has unveiled a new Chromebook a (2-in-1) convertible device with a 12.3-inch display powered by the increasingly powerful Chrome OS. The device comes with a detachable keyboard and trackpad turning it from a laptop to a tablet at a press of some interlocking hinges. The Chromebook x2 also comes with a stylus.HP Chromebook x2

The display connected to the keyboard weighs just 1.4kg and at its thickest parts measures 15.3mm. As far as productivity goes, under the hood the device hides the 7th-gen Intel Kaby Lake Core m3 chip, 4GB RAM (there’s an option to double the RAM), and 32GB ROM.

It also features stereo speakers, big batteries that can give you up to 10 hours on a single charge. The 12.3-inch display comes in 2400×1600 pixel (Quad HD). It also has a 13MP snapper at the rear and a 5MP at the rear. It comes with two USB-C ports, headphone jack, and a microSD card slot that can extend your storage up to a maximum of 256GB.

There is no denying HP has made a solid tablet out of the Chromebook x2, but pitting it against Apple’s iPad Pro might be a task too-big. The iPad Pro is a super solid tablet whose main pain-points is the price tag. Nonetheless, the HP Chromebook x2 is a more than decent tablet, running Chrome OS that is now designed to offer good user experience on desktop as well as mobile.

The fact that Chrome OS now supports Android apps goes a long way to make the HP Chromebook x2 more appealing to Android fans. That also means you have a wide array of mobile apps you can use on your machine.

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