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It looks like Windows Phone’s Keyboard is coming to Windows 10 PCs

by Felix Omondi

Coming from other iOS and Android devices where you are literally spoilt for choice regarding the on-screen keyboard, the Windows 10 OS on touchscreen sure seems limiting. Windows 10 comes with a ‘just’ decent keyboard; you can type your work and enjoy the touchpad.

But the experience is far from satisfactory, especially if you are used to swiping on touchscreen device to type. Having to tap one button at a time is so tasking, and that probably why no one really enjoys typing on Windows 10 devices using the on-screen keyboard. More often than not, users have a physical keyboard around for typing.

Ironically, Microsoft has one of the best on-screen keyboards on their Windows Phone. So why they let the Windows 10 PC on-screen keyboard to be such a pain makes no sense. However, that could soon change, if we were to go by the words of experts who dissected the Windows 10 internal build 16212, which was accidentally released.

The experts who tore the Windows 10 internal build apart say they stumbled onto signs that Microsoft is working on bringing its popular Windows Phone WordFlow keyboard to all Windows 10 devices. That is to say, all Windows 10 PCs and tablets will get the WordFlow (or WordFlow-like) keyboard to replace the current one, which can be a pain to use.

Users on tablets are likely to enjoy the keyboard better for typing on their Windows 10 tablets. The said keyboard will support swipe input, just like what WordFlow does on Windows Phones. Although we still don’t know exactly when Microsoft will release the swipe on-screen keyboard on Windows 10. The fact experts say there are signs of it on the latest internal build of Windows 10, signifies that time is pretty soon.

The leaked Windows 10 build 16212 also revealed other features on the front end and behind the scenes. One of these leaks includes components of the Composable Shell (CShell), which the Redmond tech has been working on for a while now. It is the CShell components that revealed the net TextInput, which makes for swipe input keyboard said to be coming to Windows 10.

Experts say that the expected swipe keyboard will sort of be a hybrid of Microsoft WorkFlow and SwiftKey. Please note Microsoft acquired SwiftKey back in 2016, and engineers from that company are teaming up with engineers from WordFlow to make the new keyboard for Windows 10 PC.

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Jacob Cordingley June 6, 2017 - 6:17 pm

as both a Windows 10 PC & phone user type on a monitor would not be an improvement. unless if MS came out with a digital keyboard that was a touch screen that you can use to swipe maybe but will it be better then the old school typing back from the typewriter days.

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