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Love To Code? How About You Show Off Your Skills At The Intel Developer Challenge & Win Prizes

You may be a professional developer or just a coder trying to come up with the next big thing. Intel is looking for you to try out its Intel Developer Challenge online loyalty program

. where using your coding skills you could win yourself the Asus Fonepad, an Intel Power Bank, Intel Hoody, Intel 15 inch laptop bag pack, Intel Yarn effect tee, Intel Zipped laptop sleeve, and Intel Frosted Glass Matt, among many other Intel-branded gifts.

Before you get all excited about prizes, here is what you need to do; register yourself for the Intel Developer Challenge. You will have to fill up forms with details such as your full name, country of residence, contact details and your institution of learning. This challenge is open to developers in Kenya and Nigeria. It is aimed at driving Intel’s 2015 objectives across Android, Internet of Things (IoT), and RealSense around unique visitors, repeat visitors, tool downloads and training developers.

Through this program, Intel wants to train as many developers as possible. Candidates should have an interest in Android, IoT, Testing Apps on Test droid, RealSense, Tool downloads, APK downloads and Technical Videos downloads. Each week, Intel will be focusing on different subjects and run it throughout that week.

You will take up challenged on Android, IoT, Test a Beta app using Testdroid after being given a short training, debugging codes, submitting apps, content, review a slideshow, watch a video and sample code among others. When you complete a challenge, you are rewarded with points.

Rewards will be up for grabs depending on your task performance and points awarded. To get the prizes, you will need to redeem the points you have earned thus far. Intel will notify you about prize availability, a delivery option through your email after you have placed an order. However, you need to know that the earned points have an expiration date after which they cannot be used to redeem prizes anymore.

Points cannot be transferred from one challenge participant to the other, nor is there a chance for a cash alternative instead of the prizes on offer. The prizes will be awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis and will be sent directly to the mailing address provided.

You have until December 31, 2015, to apply.

For those in Kenya willing to take up the Intel Developer Challenge, you must be a student of the following eligible institutions, University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University, JKUAT, USIU, and Dedan Kimathi among other tech hubs in the region.

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