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MacDroid : Android File Transfer For Mac


Are you a Mac user? And having trouble in sharing files with people who are an android user? Then Macroid can be really useful to you. As we all know that the Android and the Mac are two different systems and thus there is a need for a mechanism through which they can easily transfer files. Thus MacDroid is the best solution for it.

MacDroid is an application that allows you to automate your device. It is available in two versions namely the free version which is available on the internet but with a 7-day free trial and allows one to transfer the file in just one direction that is from android to Mac and the other is the pro version which allows the user to exchange files in both directions that is from android to Mac and Mac to Android very easily.

We urge you to first use the free version and enjoy the best services and features it offers. It is considered to be the fastest mode of transferring the file.

Features of Macdroid

Transfer photos

If you have taken a photo from your android phone and you wish to transfer it to your Mac then by using this MacDroid application this transferring can be easily initiated.

Work with entire folders

A lot of times it is impossible to share a folder that contains many files and thus becomes bulky. But with the MacDroid app, we can easily share a folder with files from android to mac and mac to Android.

Watch videos offline

If you are planning to go on a long journey and do not wish to get bored? Then download the HD quality video on your android phone and then using this application to transfer it to your Mac. So you have an amazing time.

Download and transfer music

Are you fond of listening to music? I am sure you will be then thinking how to transfer music from computer to Android‘? Just transfer the tracks from your device whether a Mac or Android to other devices and enjoy listening to music.

Edit file directly on your Android phone

Is there a file in your android phone that requires correction and you are feeling lazy to do so because of transferring files from one device to another? Then again Macdroid can be really helpful as it allows you to edit files directly on your android phone without actually downloading it. For doing this you just need to connect the two devices using the USB cable and edit the file and save it.

Supportive of all Android devices

Macdroid application is supportive of all Android devices.

Friendly User Interface

The Macdroid application’s interface is user friendly. The user can easily use this application as they can easily find the options and use the service of transferring the file easily from and to different systems.

Thus we will conclude by saying that this Macdroid application is useful and can be easily installed and one can easily get started with it. For this just require a USB cable to connect the two devices and permission to access the device. And that is it you are ready to transfer.

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