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Maci Peterson Founder of On Second Thought Featured on Inc.’s 30 Under 30 List

On Second Thought is an app that lets you set a delay on a sending text for up to a minute. So you can have a second thought on whether that is really the text you want to send out. Given most of us proofread best after hitting the send button;

The founder of On Second Thought Maci Peterson has been featured on Inc.’s 11th

annual 30 Under 30 list for her innovative app. Peterson gives an account an account of how the idea of the app came to be.

Her ex kept calling, but as fate would have it, she kept missing his calls as she was always at the wrong place or he would call at the wrong time. So she decided to text him:

Hey, sorry, I keep missing your calls.”

However, as auto-complete would have it, calls was typed as balls, and you can see how Ms. Peterson would have trouble texting that especially to her ex. It is then that a light bulb lit in her head, and she thought; what if there was a way I could take back a text? She went further and asked her friends if they would use such an app. They all said definitely!

The app was first launched in 2014 and currently boasts of over 67,000 users spread across 200 countries worldwide. But the journey has been far from easy, as Peterson puts it, “being an entrepreneur is really hard. I don’t think anyone will say that it’s a cakewalk. It’s also a path where you have really, really high highs, and really, really low lows.”

For the full coverage of Maci Peterson’s journey in the curation of On Second Thought leading to her recognition on Inc.’s 30 under 30 list, head on to this link.

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