Magento – The eCommerce Platform that Businesses keep Getting Wrong

Magento - The eCommerce Platform that Businesses keep Getting Wrong

Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms there is. It’s an open-source platform, so businesses are free to adapt it in any way that they choose. When used well, it creates a secure payment platform that works seamlessly with your site, and that leads to a high conversion rate.

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Unfortunately, a lot of businesses fail to realize the full potential of the platform and they make a series of mistakes that end up reducing their conversion rate and hurting their bottom line. If you run an eCommerce business and you are using Magento already or you are considering a change to your payment platform, make sure to avoid these common mistakes.

Not Using Guest Checkout

Magento makes it easy to add a guest checkout feature but many businesses decide not to use it. Often, they think that removing the guest checkout option will force people to subscribe, so they can build their email list and create more marketing opportunities in the future. However, this strategy doesn’t work because not everybody wants to create an account. In fact, many people will abandon their cart if they get to the checkout and there is no guest option. Disabling the guest checkout simply frustrates any customer that doesn’t want to sign up to your website and you will see a massive drop in your conversion rate. The aim should be to make it as easy as possible for people to make a purchase, and guest checkout is one of the best ways to achieve that.

Copying Product Descriptions

Copying product descriptions from the manufacturer’s website might seem like an easy shortcut, but it can seriously hurt your SEO. You should already be working with Magento SEO Services to boost your page rankings anyway, and they’ll tell you this is a terrible idea. Google will penalize websites for duplicated content, and the chances are, many other retailers have also copied the same description from the manufacturer’s website. That means your site gets knocked down the search rankings and traffic disappears overnight. So, spend a bit of time writing original product descriptions and you will have much more success.

Not Taking Advantage Of Layered Navigation

Layered navigation features allow customers to search products by category, size, color, and whatever other variables you choose. It’s a common feature on eCommerce sites and it makes life so much easier. By selecting a few different variables, they can immediately find what they are looking for. Magento comes with some great built-in layered navigation tools and you can use third-party applications to improve them. But so many businesses fail to take advantage of this, meaning that the user experience is worse. Remember, making the process easier boosts your conversion rate, so take advantage of all of the great tools available to you.

Magento can be an incredible platform that allows eCommerce businesses to create a seamless checkout process. When used properly, it can boost your conversion rate. However, if you make these common mistakes, you will notice a big drop off in sales.

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