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Magic Actions: Best YouTube Extension for Chrome with Powerful Features

YouTube is the biggest online video platform. There is a plethora of features in YouTube, which you can use to customize your video watching experience. You can change colors, tinker with autoplay, change resolution, adjust speed, buffering details and much more in YouTube; but won’t it be a matter of great nuisance if you have to do these things manually? That’s where extensions for YouTube come in. These browser extensions for Google Chrome allow you to control the YouTube experience within seconds, with more control and power. Meet Magic Actions for YouTube, the best Google Chrome extension for YouTube. There is no extension which comes even close this this. Here are some of its great features.

Speed Booster

Probably the best feature of this YouTube extension for Chrome is its Speed Booster feature. Magic Actions for YouTube smartly pre-loads the files at the back end before loading the packets, and renders the images at full to avoid lags. This really speeds up the video loading process. The best way to get the most out of this feature is to use it along with disabling autoplay feature as described below.

Stop Autoplay

You can quickly stop autoplay for a YouTube video using this Chrome extension. Autoplay option lets the video buffer for some time before playing it, thus saving you time and giving you the best video watching experience. You can also quickly disable this option if you want a constant autoplay experience.

Change Theme

You can change the theme of YouTube interface using this Chrome extension. From the top left corner, use the “Switch” option to change the interface to dark, black theme to have a movie type video experience.

Cinema Mode

You can enable the Cinema mode for YouTube using Magic Actions for YouTube extension to enjoy the video full size. You can also set the cinema mode size to medium or small. All you have to do after enabling the cinema mode is to click anywhere outside the video and the cinema mode will get active with video adjusting to full size of your screen.

Select Pixel Quality

Magic Actions for YouTube gives you a lot of resolution options: from 489p to 2880 p (5K). You can quickly select the pixel quality from this extension’s interface according to your internet connection.

Change Video Player

There is a “Force Player” type Chrome extension which allows you to change the video player for the YouTube videos. Mind you, the player which plays your YouTube video plays a cardinal role in the quality, speed and rendering of the video. You should prefer HTML 5 player over any other player.

Bypass Country

If YouTube is banned in your country, or you are facing problems while accessing it from your IP address, you can use this great extension’s “Bypass country” feature instead of VPNs to run YouTube videos.

Control Volume from Mouse

You could control the volume for any YouTube video using wheel of your mouse instead of manually increasing or decreasing it with this nifty extension for YouTube.





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