How to Make $200 a Month Passive Income

Passive income can do wonders. Apart from the steady job, you must have multiple revenue streams, no matter how little they apparently are, to save for the rainy day. These days, the best way to make passive income is through legitimate investment programs, apps, subscription services and sign-ups. Making money using apps and signups may sound weird of scam apparently, but you will be surprised to know that millions of people make a lot of money using these passive income strategies. It’s all about savings and piling little bit of money daily. Small things end up giving big results in the future. If you are able to save just one dollar daily, at the end the year, you will have $365 in your account. To give you an example, recently, a Reddit user shared that he makes $200 a month from passive income streams. These streams include Amazon signups, apps, budget programs, deals and coupons. The Reddit user says that he ends up saving a lot of money at the end of the year and it feels great to have piles of money with an extremely minute or little effort. The user also compiled a list of resources which could be used to make passive money. This article sums up all the resources you need to $200 a month passive income.

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Make $200 Every Month Easily as Passive Income


Seashells makes you save a little bit of money every time you shop. The idea is simple: you link your bank account with the app and every time you shop, it will round off the amount and send that little rounder off figure to your account. The app also gives a dollar or two extra to as a reward. For example, you bought an item costing $5.5, the app will make it $6 and send the $.5 to your account.

Circle App

Circle App is a remarkable app to make money online. If you transfer your money using your debit card, this is the app you should use. Why? For every $25 transferred, Circle app gives you no less than $10 (the same day of transfer). Check out the website of the Circle and see how to use it. It requires one-time invite from a person who is already using it. The app also has a lot of good reviews.

Acorns Investing

Acorns Investing is a great app which gives you $5 at the first signup. You can then use the app to get deals and coupons while shopping. Acorns app has a partnership with other shopping apps. You can save money shopping using Acorns.


PeepTrade is the best app if you are into stocks, trading and investment. You get $50 at the first sign-up (invite), and make a profile. People follow you and based on the success of your calls, ratings for stocks, you make money. A good/average trader can make close to $100 a month using this app.


This is a great service to make money using apps doing small, fun tasks. Free Eats sends you a message detailing a task like downloading an app, opening a website. Each task is worth $0.25 at least. Free Eats uses PayPal to immediately transfer the money to you. It’s reliable and useful if you want to make $200 a month online.

Zeaton Lockscreen

Lockscreen apps is a great way to make money. One such app is Zeaton Lockscreen, which pays you $5 for 50,000 “points”. What is a point, you ask? It’s a credit for using the app, phone or website. Every time you swipe this lockscreen, for example, you get 15 points. Given the fact that many of us spend a lot of time on our smartphones, there is a great chance of making money.

There are literally tens of such apps and programs to make money as a passive income. You should start putting a little effort. It will take one or two hours subscribing to these programs and dollars will start rolling in. Check out the complete document made by the Reddit users who makes a lot of money using these programs.

Saving isn’t enough. You should start investing the right way to burgeon your savings in the future. Check out our beginners guide to investing your first $1000.

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