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How to Make My Computer Faster : Best Tips and Tricks

by Fahad Saleem

How to Make My Computer Faster : Best Tips and Tricks
If you are looking for the best ways to make computer fast then you have reached the right place. We all encounter problems with our computer from time to time. Our lightning fast computer is affected by malicious software, viruses, or other junk that hinder its performance. We often notice that our machine is slowed down considerably. During the course of its life, we install plenty of software and browse internet that sometimes contain malware or other harmful content. The major reason for slowing down of computer is the burden put by malicious or even healthy software on the operating system. You are trying to use software that requires larger physical memory and clock speed than your computer has. Your computer might also be stuck in useless tasks defined by some malware to slow down your computer. The question arises how can one make computer fast?

Following are some of the best ways to make computer fast.

Delete Temporary Web Data Regularly

Clearing your temporary internet files and cookies will significantly improve the speed of your computer particularly while browsing stuff on internet.  This strategy will solve most of the problems that you face with internet. These files are removed by going to your main drive in which Windows is installed. Then you need to go to Windows folder->Temp. Click “View” tab and choose “Details”. Delete the files that are older than current database. This is certainly one of the best ways to make computer fast.

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Remove Malware with Antivirus

The malware utilizes the resources of your computer for its own malevolent purposes. As a result, the computer slows down quite considerably. You need to run software scans regularly to remove the malicious software draining resources of your computer.

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Install Operating System Updates

If you are still wondering how you can make your computer fast then this is a simple trick for you. Most of you would skip installing the updates of operating system thinking that your PC is already running well. The main purpose of updating operating system is to narrow down the security holes. It also helps optimizing different aspects of your operating system, enabling it to perform better than before.

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Limit the Startup Tasks

This is, perhaps, one of the best ways to make computer fast. It is quite irritating to wait for your computer to boot up as you start it. It will keep on loading plenty of files and other software. Some of these processes are not necessary to be executed at startup of PC. Naturally, your PC will slow down because all these programs will take a lot of time to get started, and they will keep on running in the background. You can limit the traffic of these undesired programs while booting up your PC by using command “MSCONFIG” in “Run”. Go to Startup and uncheck all software that you think shouldn’t be part of booting up your PC. Disable only those applications that you have perfect idea about, otherwise you might end up damaging to your operating system.

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Defragment Files on Your PC

Defragging operation scans all the files on your computer and then reorganizes them to boost the performance somewhat.

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Run a Disk Cleanup regularly

This action removes unnecessary files that hinder the performance of your operating system. To perform disk cleanup, click “Start”, then go to All Programs, then Accessories->System Tools ->Disk Cleanup.

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