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Make GIF Online: How To Create Animated GIFs from YouTube Videos (Guide)

by Fahad Saleem
create GIF online

 Make GIF Online: How To Create Animated GIFs from YouTube Videos (Guide)

It is fun to create GIF online that contains beautiful and attractive animations. There could be plenty of methods for creating animated images. This article provides a simple method to make GIFs from videos in the form of animations. This method doesn’t even require you to download and install any software. You can perform this task online easily. This method will provide you plenty of opportunities for having fun on social media by sharing animated GIFs with your friends.

create GIF online

How to Create GIFs from YouTube Videos

  • From your preferred web browser, go to YouTube and search for the video for which you want to create animated image. Copy the link of the video.
  • You will require the link on the website of GIF YouTube for converting your video into animated GIF image. Paste the link on the website.
  • Once you have pasted the link, you need to modify the link by adding “gif” before Consider the following example in which the link has been modified.

Changed to:

  • After modifying the URL, click on the “Create GIF” button and then indicate the title of the image that you desire to create. You also need to indicate the start time as well as the length of the GIF. With the help of GIF YouTube, you can make GIF from videos up to 10 seconds. The minimum duration for GIF is 10 seconds.
  • create GIF from Youtube videos 2
  • Once you are done with adding the title, click on the “Create GIF” button again and wait while the online tool creates the animated GIF image for you. You will be taken to the Preview page afterwards where you need to confirm the created image.
  • Your GIF image will be shown on the next page and it can be shared with anyone. Copy the direct link of the GIF image from the address bar and use it anywhere you want. You can share the image directly to the popular social media forums.
  • create GIF online
  • You can also save the image to the PC by right clicking on the image and choose “Save Image As” option.

This is how to create GIFs from YouTube videos.




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