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How to Make Internet Speed Faster : Speed Up Your Internet Using These Tricks

by Fahad Saleem

How to Make Internet Speed Faster : Speed Up Your Internet Using These Tricks

No matter which connection and internet speed you are using, over the time you start feeling that your internet connection is performing slower than it should. There are some technical reasons behind that and some easy steps to make your net speed faster.

Stop Redundant Background Processes

With all this cool new apps stuff on Windows and even on mobile phones, internet seems to have slowed down. The major reason behind that is usually apps that run in the background and consume a part of your data connection. To speed up your internet connection you might need to stop these apps for time being.

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There are so many apps like news, weather, health and fitness tips and others like that in Windows 8 and 8.1 that you never use but they still run in the background and consume your data. Same is the case with net speed on mobile devices. Easiest solution is go to your settings and force stop all the apps and background processes you feel redundant.

Check Your Internet Speed

Use online internet speed test tools to see what download and upload speeds you are actually getting. One such tool is Xfinity Speed Test. If there is a major difference between the speeds you’re getting and the speed your vendor promised, contact the vendor.

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Update Your Browser

If you are reading this article on Internet Explorer, its time you migrate to a better browser. In case you already have a good browser and still facing slow internet speed problem, check if you’re using an older version of the browser because new iterations replace them and they become unable to handle new traffic. Update your browser to speed up your internet connection. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are good options for a light and speedy browser.

Get Rid of Adware

Toolbars slow down your surfing. Whenever you are downloading some software, check only the product you need and uncheck any additional toolbars or adware that they might be forcing you to download because that is a major memory and connection hog and to make your internet speed fast, you have to get rid of everything like that. Check a list of installed programs in control panel and uninstall everything you don’t need.

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Secure you internet Connection

If you are using a wireless network and it has been slowed down recently, chances are that someone else is using the bandwidth you are paying for. Secure your connection by setting a password on it and keep changing that from time to time. Check to see your internet speed is being limited in peak hours, contact vendor for that. Check machines connected to the same network to see if your connection is being used by someone else.

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Limit Downloads

If one of the computers connected to network starts downloading torrents, surfing and buffering becomes slow on other computers as well so check if anyone in your home is downloading big files and restrict download speed on that to make your internet faster.

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If everything else fails, change your ISPR and the data package. These are the tips on How to Make Internet Speed Faster.


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