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Make Your Indoor Days Colorful: Best Crafts For Lazy Weekends



Weekends can get rather boring sometimes. With nothing great to keep you up and running and no school for the kids, the days can get unbearably long. Fortunately, there are several crafts you could make with your family that will leave no room for boredom. You could even explore new puff paint window clings methods that will save you a buck or two while keeping the entire family entertained. You can make your indoor days colorful by making some of these best crafts for lazy weekends.

Simple Crafts You Can Do on Lazy Weekends


1. Homemade Pom-Poms

With the most basic materials in your house, you can make pom-poms that will accentuate your walls, a hand-wrapped gift, or even your plain sandals. You can create pom-poms from any color of yarn, depending on your color preferences.

2. Tin Can Utensil Holders

So you have plenty of tin cans and are about to toss them out to the trash. You may want to rethink that. With an ‘S’ hook, some washi tape, and colorful paint, you can turn those cans into the most beautiful utensil holders you have ever seen.

3. Coloring Cards

Nothing beats boredom like coloring. You could get printable coloring cards online and print them out for the entire family. Be sure to pick cards that revolve around your kid’s particular interests.

4. Crepe Paper Flowers

For that boring weekend, get yourself a stock of crepe paper with which you will craft crepe paper flowers. No matter the flower you love, crepe paper never disappoints, from daisies to tulips. You could make small flowers to accessorize your gift wrapping or large ones to put in your vase.

5. Customized Desk Accessories

If you are after crafts that can improve your desk and make it beautiful, perhaps you would love to create your customized desk accessories. This could be anything from vases to desk organizers. Just look for containers that you can easily customize by repainting them or accessorizing them with other decorations. You could even create matching accessories that will look both elegant and expensive.

6. DIY Coasters

Getting the perfect coasters for your themed house can be very difficult. So why don’t you take time off your lazy weekend to make the exact coasters you desire? Making coasters is very easy, economical, and worth your while since you will create exactly what you want.

7. Create Photo Frames

Photo frames can sometimes be bland and boring, taking away the beauty and vibrance of a photograph. A custom-made photo frame tends to fix this problem. So take some time off your weekend and create your dream photo frame. It does not have to be pitch-perfect at first; just ensure it complements the photo it is framing.

8. Create Customized Wall Mirrors

You can use customized wall mirrors to bring life to your sitting room by pairing up mirrors with other materials such as leather, ropes, or even plastic. The thing with customized wall mirrors is that you get to choose your ideal shape, size, and colors of your mirrors. DIY mirrors bring a certain level of freedom to interior design. So do not let your weekend end with you lazing around.

9. Painted paint cans

If you are a plant lover and are in search of customized vases, why not take time off your weekend and create painted paint cans? To do this, all you need is a couple of old paint cans, some paint (to beautify the outside of the can), and a few creative patterns. You could then plant your flowers or herbs on these cans or even use them for storage purposes.

10. Wallpaper Your Furniture

We all have that one piece of furniture we are not very excited about. It could be your nightstand, kitchen shelves, or even your dresser. Take the weekend to pimp up that piece of furniture. Some wallpaper and a new coat of paint will often be the perfect answer to your boring furniture trouble. You could even do it with your family to help you pass the time together as you catch up and converse.

11. Spruce Up Your Door Mats

If you are not a boring person, your doormats should not be boring either. So please pick up the plain and boring mats and add some color and craft to them. You can use store-bought stencils or get creative with unique styles. Whatever works for you as long as your doormat makes a statement.

The Main Secret

Beating boredom each weekend is not easy. It requires proper planning and excellent execution on your part. The secret to avoiding boredom on lazy weekends is simply having fun. These crafts are not chores. So do not give much care to their perfection. Just do them in a way that will make you and your loved ones happy.

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