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Making a Career in Database, SQL Without Degree and Experience: Success Stories of Actual People

by Fahad Saleem

They say data is the new oil. The world is full of data. Trillions of GBs are produced daily. Companies want experts who could make sense of this data for them so they could take profitable decisions.

If you want to start a career in SQL, database industry, read the following success stories for motivation and direction.


A lot of people from the database industry shared their stories on a thread on how they were able to land an entry-level job in the database world and then made their way up. You should obviously be good at what you do. SQL, Oracle and playing with data should become your passion.

Almost all companies have data to maintain and process. Look for an analyst role and then make your way up in the industry. Database Administrator role is extremely difficult to get without experience. You have to start small and be ready to learn.

Read some interesting stories on this thread.


A guy shared his story on Reddit on how he went from no college degree to a high-level data analyst role. He started as a junior analyst, mostly generating reports and analytics. But he took a lot of interest in understanding queries, purpose of reports and important data metrics. He also volunteered for projects and learned Python and SQL. After a few years, he got his dream job in the same company.

The best advice from this guy: don’t just focus on the reports. Look for the real questions companies are trying to solve. If you can understand the high-level data questions, you start thinking like professionals.

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An excellent story shared on Reddit in which a guy tells how he started a normal data entry job when he was young. But he started to take interest in all things data. He played around with excel and data. He then learned SQL on his own. Eventually, he became manager in his domain which was outside of the data department. But he became so much proficient with data that senior VPs and even the CEO of his company come to him for queries and data.

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