Malawi Police warns general public on Violence against Female Candidates participating in the May 21 Tripartite Elections


Come May 21st, Malawians will be going to the polls for the country’s Tripartite Elections. As politicians and electorates gear up for the exercise, the Commissioner of Police in charge of the Eastern Region Arlene Baluwa has warned members of the public to refrain from violence against female candidates in the race.

Baluwa went further to say that women are an integral part of society and national development. Thus they must be protected and giving their civil right to participate in the country’s politics as both candidates and voters.

I would like to advise and warn perpetrators of violence against women especially those contesting as Members of Parliament or counselors that they will be arrested once caught,” said Baluwa.

The country’s traditional authority, Nsamala, also assured the police that they (as traditional leaders) they will be in the frontline in condemning and discouraging political violence among the electorates.

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