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Malawi’s InCUBE8 is looking for next cohorts of Startup Entrepreneurs to Incubate

by Milicent Atieno

The Malawi-based business incubator/accelerator InCUBE8 has announced it is currently receiving applications from startup entrepreneurs wishing to benefit from its program.

InCUBE8 runs a Youth Entrepreneurship Program aimed at giving startup entrepreneurs mentorship, business acumen, and seek seed funding for the graduates. The program was launched in 2016 and seeks to provide solutions to problems facing the society such as youth unemployment and failure of startup businesses.

Through this program, InCUBE8 will seek out and select startups founded by young innovative Malawians and help them scale up their idea to become a high impact ventures. The mentorship program will include training from seasoned business men and women from various sectors. They will also get technical support, weekly assignments to be done online, and attend a weekly workshop to equip them with industry relevant skills.

InCUBE8 also plans to network the program’s participants with local venture capital firms, angel investors, public funding organizations and banks. It will achieve this by making arrangements to hold breakfast meetings, industry nights, and cocktail gatherings.

The program will run for ten weeks, at the end of which, the participants will get seed capital of $1,000 each. InCUBE8 believes that seed capital combined with the mentorship and networks established will go a long way toward catapulting their businesses into new and bigger playing fields.

If you are a promising startup operating in Malawi and would like to take part in this incubation/acceleration opportunity, apply here before March 24, 2017. The program starts on April 7th to June 16th, 2017.

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