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A Male Contraceptive Research with 96% Success Rate stalls because Men are Wimps

by Milicent Atieno
A Male Contraceptive Research with 96% Success Rate stalls because Men are Wimps

When it comes to reproduction, men are more potent, well actually ever potent, compared to women. There is about a one-week time window per month in which a woman can get pregnant. On the other hand, your typical man (assuming everything is working okay) is always ready to give forth offspring(s) every day for 365 days per year. They are always ready to go, ready for action.

So then, why aren’t there any male contraceptive, while female contraceptives options are in their tens? The answer is pretty simple; compared to women, men are just wimps.

Now, I do not mean any disrespect to my brothers and fathers out there. It just that the stalling (which will lead to the eventual shutdown) of a recent promising male contraceptive research proves men cannot handle what women have been handling for years. Simply put, women are stronger than men; their capacity to endure pain make men look like wimps.

There has been a recent development with the male contraceptive research that finally promised light at the end of the pharmaceutical tunnel to deliver the option of both genders to share the burden of birth control.

For almost a century now, it is women that have been shouldering the burden of birth control. That is despite the fact that her mate, the man, is the one who is always potent every day of the month.

This particular male contraceptive research promised 96% success rate, and women were waiting for its full development and the final approval by the FDA. So that it can enter the market, and men too can shoulder some of that birth control sacrifices women have been doing for eons.

Guess what? That is not likely to happen anytime soon! The men who had volunteered in the test program are pulling out citing the contraceptive messes with their hormones making them moody and gives them acne. Aaaargh, duh! We (women) know that and have been dealing with that for nearly a century now.

The only reason most women are not having babies left, right, and center. Giving birth every 18 months is because we take contraceptives. So that you (men), don’t have to support big families, which can even reach 20 children per woman. Not forgetting, those other side ‘side chicks you’ve been cripping around with’ behind your wife/girlfriend’s back.

The researchers’ reasons for halting further development of the male contraceptive, is that they were concerned about the side effects it had on men. The ‘test subjects’ (for lack of better words) experienced side effects like mood swings and increased acne. And get this, they also complained about pain around the point where the needle was injected. (Really? That’s normal!)

These ‘test subjects’ should walk a mile in the shoes of women who have had birth controls under their belts for several decades. How ironic is this situation? As a matter of fact, it is outright sexism. You read the reasons put forth that caused the stalling of this research; as a woman you simply roll your eyes.

Apparently, the science community has decided there is a disparity between the levels of acceptable side effects in men and women in regards to birth controls. The goal post is being shifted further for the male contraceptives, while the women are told to learn to live with it!

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