Malwarebytes breaks up under a new Update causing RAM and CPU usage off the roof


Malwarebytes has made a name for itself when it comes to protecting users against malware. It has received a lot of positive reviews from tech reviewers and experts. Indeed, many users can vouch for it, as a one of the best defence they have against malware.

However, the latest update went wrong. As it has caused the security app to eat too much into the device resources. One user published online a screenshot showing Malwarebytes Service process consuming 19GB of RAM and an equally (insanely) high CPU usage. Other users are reporting even the protective features like Web Protection and Real-Time Protection were not turning on anymore.

The bloated update affects both the Premium and Premium Trial version of Malwarebytes across all versions of Windows; Microsoft OS seems to be more affected compared other operating systems. So far, there have been no reports that Malware Free is also affected.

The Malwarebytes affected is version running on the component package 1.0.262 and update package To check on which version of Malwarebytes is running on your PC, go to Settings > About in the application.

However, the developer of the application has since released an update to fix the problem with the earlier update. If your computer is still feeling the resource drain, simply update the app. You will need to reboot your system after installing the latest update. Otherwise, your system resources will still be bogged down by the update.

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