This man just sowed the seeds of Robots vs. Humans Armageddon when humans will be wiped out


Well, last week Boston Dynamics made headlines around the futuristic tech enthusiast, and their moment of fame flame has started dying out. They taught a trim, and yellowish weird-dog-looking robot to open doors. I guess it was cute, but that stuff tends to become old pretty fast, which it did!

But the guys over at Boston Dynamics were not quite satisfied with their 15-minutes-of-fame and decided to manufacture news. I am not talking about any of those fake news or hoax things you see on the internet. They decided to throw themselves into the tech news limelight by harassing their robotic-doggie as the poor thing went about opening doors.

The first video Boston Dynamics released last week had the robot dog opening doors, but in the second one, a man comes with a long pole and starts frustrating it for doing what it was taught. As the robot dog tries to open the door, the man keeps pulling it back. At one point it looked like the robot dog is getting frustrated. If it was an actual dog that would be the point growls, barking, and teeth were to be displayed; and possibly used.

For the sake of the human race, let us hope this doggie will forget about the incident and not pass it down the next generation of bots. As you can expect another human somewhere will increase cognitive ability and more powerful motors to this doggy’s successor. They will be more advanced with intelligence and motor skills beyond our current imagination. Should they then decided to revenge, they will remember such embarrassing treatments their earlier ancestors were taken through by their human masters.

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