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Manage files in your Android device using gFile [Guide]

by Fahad Saleem

Who doesn’t want everything organized in a specific way that they like? Even if the organization is not what everyone would deem to be orderly…everybody has their own taste. With that said, Android users, welcome gFile into your life. gFile is a software that adequately and elegantly helps you manage your files. Its simple interface, is a bonafide version of Gmail with its own twist.  gFile let’s users navigate their files on android with ease and eloquence. Some of the things that you can do on this file management system is create, rename, copy, cut or move files and folders, and check your file storage. These simple enough tasks form the whole concept of this app. gFile - 4 In order to create a folder, just tap on the plus on the upper right corner of the screen and then enter the name of the folder that you want to create e.g. songs, videos, movies etc.  When you create the folder, it will be in whichever folder you were in at the time. Other options are also simple as pie. gfile - 5 In order to move a folder, tap and hold on the app and then tap on the icon that appears as a pair of scissors cutting a paper. When you do it, a paste icon will appear above and you can paste the file or the folder anywhere in the file system just as like using your PC. The copying is completed the same way, just that the icon for it is a two paper image. To rename, tap on the pen that appears in the option above and to select all just tap on the grid that appears next to the pen. Permission options for the file along with deletion can be selected by the drop down on the upper right corner of the screen.   gfile - 6 Apart from that, the theme can be changed in the app settings and you can also upgrade to the pro version within the settings secton. Pro version gives the more advanced user access to root directories, multiple background copying, search navigation and thumbnails options for the files. All in all, it is a very sophisticated app that is useful for both light and power Android users. Download gFile 

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