Manipulate Emotions on Facebook with New Google Chrome Plug-in

Manipulate Emotions on Facebook with New Google Chrome Plug-in

There is a massive stir going around the globe on the Facebook’s manipulation of users emotions during an experiment two years ago. Now Facebook users can manipulate the emotions they see in the news feed with the aid of a plug-in of Chrome browser. A developer has built a Facebook Mood Manipulator plug-in for Chrome for viewing more or less Emotional, Positive, Open and Aggressive posts. The Newsfeed automatically updates to match for words that fit the parameters. Facebook used those four emotions in its contagion study that found users posted more positively or negatively when they see the similar emotions in their newsfeed. If you take the slider towards “emotional” option, Facebook will go to the news related to weddings, or similar functions or gatherings. Sliding the “aggressive” scale towards “more” will take you to the posts related to the political hatred, complains about government, and other acerbic statuses.

Facebook has taken the Mood Manipulator for a quick spin. By requesting more positive emotions resulted in summoning happier posts that contain words like phenomenal, outstanding, rule, rock, proud, sun, fun, and lovely. Mood Manipulator is a great tool for getting rid of the bad air that clogs up the Newsfeed on the Facebook when you need some inspiration in your life. Give the posts a little spin and you will see a completely different story altogether.

The real aim behind developing the Mood Manipulator is to take control of your happiness from Facebook. You should shape your mood yourself by viewing customized news in your status feed as soon as you open Facebook.

New York based developer Lauren McCarthy said that you should leverage Facebook research to affect your emotions. Now you can perform Facebook’s psych experiment on yourself.

Any user that is left out of the study carried out on a huge mass of people by Facebook shouldn’t be disappointed now as he can utilize Mood Manipulator. It is now available for free on Google Chrome store. This wonderful tool allows the users to customize their newsfeed from their friends. They can avoid the posts from annoying friends.

Facebook has come under criticism from UK regulators for carrying out the experiment and Electronic Privacy Information has filed a formal complaint against it with US Federal Trade Commission.

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