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Mariéme Jamme – Senegalese Fem Boss Helping African Entrepreneurs Enter the Global Market

Mariéme Jamme – Senegalese Fem Boss Helping African Entrepreneurs Enter the Global Market

Mariéme Jamme was born in Senegal and she is currently based in London. She is a renowned blogger, CEO, technologist and social entrepreneurs with a prolific commitment to empowering fellow Africans achieve their full potential through good leadership, education, economic development and social entrepreneurship.

As the CEO of SpotOne Global Solutions she helps technology startups companies develop their businesses, enter foreign new markets, find business partners in new business territories and win new profitable ventures abroad. Her company mainly focuses on the technology market and using her vast knowledge in the technology field, she helps startups tech-companies accelerate their growth in new business territories. Her company’s operations are based on a motto they say, “We use the right skill to achieve the right results by targeting the right people with the right messages”.

A business ‘mantra’ that can be said to have been very effective for her company.

Mariéme is also the founder of iConscience which is a think tank that brings together expert entrepreneurs and like-minded parties to a friendly atmosphere where they brainstorm ideas on ethical scenarios that will lead to a sustainable business, technology, environmental and social development across Africa. She is also a renowned international speaker, which lead to her co-founding the Africa Gathering: a first of its kind global platform converging various entrepreneurs to share constructive ideas that will lead up to Africa’s development. Due to these efforts, Mariéme has made herself known globally as a tireless advocate for good governance, education and health across the continent of Africa.

Marieme attends TED Conferences frequently and is also the organizer of the TEDx Accra & Dakar. Mariéme has been using her vast knowledge of the African dialects and languages to enable communication between various investors, governments, communities and businesses throughout Africa. Perhaps with her greatest contribution being marked when she helped IBM, Google and Shell to organize a successful conference in Africa. She is also a known philanthropist with a demonstrated support to various initiatives supporting women and children like the Oxfam, the Gates Foundation, Weforest, the Hunger Project, Plan International, NSPCC, the Acumen Fund and the Freedom Project.

Before joining SpotOne Global Solutions, Mariéme was an asset manager for JP Morgan, Lloyds TSB and Citibank. She also worked for the big names in software companies like Microsoft, Primavera INC (now Oracle), CA and Osiatis. Part of her current job description in Britain entails advising the UK Home Office on various ways of helping African Diaspora in transferring their knowledge and skills back to their home countries. She is also an avid mentor to the black community youths leaving in London in her Mayor Mentorship program. She is also on board the Advisory Panel of the Guardian Newspaper Global Development sections to which she is one of the most active contributors of regular articles. Her prolific career can be summarized below:

  • Recently appointed as a judge for the Africa Rural Connect program in Washington DC: a US National Peace Corps program that creates a pool of ideas to help the African farmer.
  • A member of the Free Generation International: an organization form to curb human trafficking and slavery.
  • Board Director of Hive Colab in Uganda: An incubator and a business accelerator for the East African technologist.
  • She moderated a forum focusing on how Africans are using social media for the State Department of US.

Mariéme Jamme marks the end for Innov8tiv Magazine’s look at the Fem Bosses as a tribute for the month of March 2014, which was a month dedicated to women in technology.

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