Marvel’s Black Panther film crosses the $1 billion mark global grossing

black panther

Marvel’s Black Panther crosses the $1 billion mark – remains top grossing movie for 4 weeks in a row

It seems the fire is not yet about to die down for Marvel’s Black Panther film. For four straight weeks, the movie has remains Marvel’s top film at the box office.

This past weekend Black Panther cross the $1 billion mark on its international box-office totals. This movie even beats the four-day totals of Disney’s most recent big hit movie, Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The film was catapulted passed the $1 billion mark over the weekend by its debut in China where it grossed $66.5 million in the first three days of showing. The crossing of the $1 billion mark only adds to its record-breaking streak. The previous record-break was the fact it is the largest February debut film of all time; yes it beats Deadpool. It is also the second largest film debut by Marvel; coming second only to The Avengers. It is also the highest grossing film directed by a black person.

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