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The American agricultural equipment manufacturer, Massey Ferguson has introduced its latest line of tractors for its African and Middle East markets. The company has introduced new MF 300 Series tractors with a varying range of horsepower between 50hp and 85hp. This move is geared towards further strengthening the company’s offerings to the African and the Middle East farmers looking for reliable and affordable albeit low horsepower tractors.

The MF 300 Series models are said to be released early next year. It will consist of six different models:

*The MF 345 – 50hp, 2WD

*The MF 375 – 75hp, 2WD

*The MF 385 – 85hp, 2WD & 4WD

*The MF 350 – 50hp, 2WD, Longer Wheelbase

*The MF 355 – 60hp, 2WD, Longer Wheelbase

*The MF 360 – 60hp, 2WD, Longer WheelbaseMassey Ferguson Introduces New 50hp-85hp MF 300 Series Tractors Made For Africa

Massey Ferguson prides itself in offering farmers a broad range of tractors with varying degree of ruggedness while at the same time providing reliable multi-purpose machines. The MF 300 Series tractors will also be accompanied by a new line of Massey Ferguson-branded implements for the African and Middle East markets.

Thierry Lhotte, the Massey Ferguson VP Marketing, Africa/Europe/Middle East in a statement said, “Simple, yet powerful, the MF 300 Series tractors are tried and tested, with a strong reputation for straightforward operation and robust dependability – they are ideally equipped to meet the tough challenges of African and Middle East agriculture. More than 1.5 million units based on this renowned design are already at work in the world.

The MF 300 Series tractors have been described as the best fit for smallholder farmers and local community groups looking to have an affordable and economical tractor. Although the tractor is classified as an entry-level tractor, Massey Ferguson says it is a ‘do anything’ type of tractor that will have a strong appeal to the African and Middle East farmers. The MF 300 tractors can also be a valuable to large farms looking for additional machinery fleets on their estates that are cost-effective workhorses.

The company will initially supply six MF 300 tractors implements that will do a number of farm activities including cultivation, planting and transportation. The implements will include a 1.6m-width harrow disc, 0.5m-width fixed-disc plough, 2-tine subsoiler, 2-row planter, 3-tonne trailer and transportation box.

Massey Ferguson is further planning on developing and expanding the implements range by the demand in the various markets.

Mr. Lhotte further explains, “As true multi-taskers, the MF 300 Series are equally adept at cultivation, planting, transport or yard duties, working across a wide range of farm sectors including arable, livestock and horticulture. Low cost of ownership, easy servicing and maintenance plus expert support from the Massey Ferguson local distributor ensure a fully-sustainable and inclusive farm mechanization package.”

For more details, head on to the Massey Ferguson website.

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