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Ime Archibong: Facebook’s Manager of Strategic Partnerships

by Felix Omondi

Ime Archibong: Facebook’s Manager of Strategic Partnerships

Meet Ime Archibong: Facebook’s Manager of Strategic PartnershipsFacebook needs no introduction, unless you are living in those parts of the world where Facebook has been banned or is highly restricted for technical or political reasons. That being said, you probably must have noticed the numbers of new development and changes that have been taking place on Facebook since the first half of the year 2013. Some of these changes are:

  • Timeline section: allows users to display their favorite movies, TV shows, music and book.
  • Common Open Graph Actions: users enjoy features like “want to read” and “want to watch”.
  • Structured Status Updates: allows users to share what they’re eating, listening to and how they are feeling.
  • Graph Search: allows users to find contents and recommendations via their friends.
  • Partnership with Rovi: gives Facebook access to detailed database containing information about TV shows, movies and celebrities.

Today Innov8tiv Magazine brings you the man leading the creative team behind some of these new developments on Facebook that we all enjoy using, but perhaps don’t appreciate the creative genius minds that led existence. We introduce to you Ime Archibong, Facebook’s Manager of Strategic Partnerships. He is the man tasked with Facebook’s video and music strategy, as well as managing Facebook relationships with partner companies like Netflix, Hulu and Spotify.

Meet Ime Archibong: Facebook’s Manager of Strategic PartnershipsArchibong has led various high profiled Facebook’s major media partnerships. He has been an asset in Facebook new improvements in terms of entertainment apps, its ever expanding role in content discovery and the ability of Open Graph being able to represent users’ offline activities and memories.

He joined Facebook back in 2010, before that he worked for IBM in the department of business development where he was in charge of IBM’s technology as the Advanced Technology Business Development Professional. He completed his MBA at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and a BS at the Yale University where he undertook Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

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