Meet Jared Arms – The Brains Behind The Kylar App, That Is Revolutionizing Social Media

Meet Jared Arms – The Brains Behind The Kylar App, That Is Revolutionizing Social Media
If you are an avid user of the social media, then you probably know of the Kylar App; an app that has revolutionized the way people connect and share information across the globe on the social media platform. This app was launched in July 2013, and currently boasts of over 390,000 avid users worldwide. Family and friends have been sharing the Kylar apps through Facebook making it one of the leading apps for social media interactions globally.

Photo Credit: Jared Arms

Today Innvo8tiv Magazine brings you the story of the brains behind this revolutionary app. The app was developed by Jared Arms; a young, ambitious and talented man born in St. Louis, Missouri. At just the age of 23, Jared Arms not only has the app to his name that has made him a leader on the social media platform, but also has published other equally amazing apps which can be found in every app store. Plus the icing on the cake is that Jared Arms is one of the members of the National Black Information Technology Leadership organization (NBITLO); a non-profit organization aimed at supporting black tech-leaders by providing them with resources to enable them reach their highest levels in terms of technology inventions and innovations.

You can get the app on Bing, Facebook, Google Play Store, Yahoo,, M.R.I and among other popular websites. At present Jared is operates more than 200 Android based apps independently, however he has set a target for himself to get more than 1 million Facebook shares and to get more than 100k mobile apps of his own installed by 4th July next year; just about 1 years since the launch of his popular app,

Jared Arms best fits the description of such clever brain on such young shoulders. Without a doubt he is an inspiration to other upcoming coders, programmers and tech-entrepreneur who are yet to make a big hit and the recognition due.  Jared’s interest includes: programming, coding, social networking, going to concerts, travelling, learning and shopping. You can reach Jared through his website by clicking here or on his Facebook account.

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