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Meet Oladapo Gbenle; The Innovative Mind Behind the Integrated MEDICS

by Anie Akpe

Meet Oladapo Gbenle; The Innovative Mind Behind the Integrated MEDICS

Oladapo Gbenle is a participant in the 2014 DEMO Africa event taking place September 22-26 in Lagos, Nigeria 

Today innov8tiv magazine interviews Oladapo Gbenle, 2014 DEMO Africa participant and the mastermind behind Integrated MEDICS. Without further delay, lets jump right into the our interview.

Meet Oladapo Gbenle; The Innovative Mind Behind the Integrated MEDICS

Oladapo Gbenle, CEO Integrated MEDICS

Tell us about yourself

Oladapo Gbenle, CEO of D8ONE8 Technologies Limited, we have quite a number of products one which Is integrated MEDICS, Integrated School Portal, Autoklic, Gospeltunes,Capstone Manager and Mediclue.

Tell us more about Integrated Medics.

Integrated MEDICS is a user friendly, multi-functional, web basedMedical Information Management System, otherwise called Medics, designed to computerize all classes of hospital, while putting into consideration the complexities involved in the medical industry. 

 Why did you create this platform and whom was it created for?

It was created to address record management issues within our health organizations (Hospital, NIS/HMO, Health Ministries and so on), to make health service delivery system as easy as possible.  We live in this part of the world where health care system is not within the reach of a common man and where the rich have the mentality that they do not have a say in what happened to how their health is being managed. Individual health record is believed to be so sacred that sometimes it takes hours to gain access even in the case of emergency. Health Insurance was manage in such a way that people think is meant for the few. Imaging a population of over 160 million people with just 9% of this population having health insurance. To enjoy this service sometime they have to queue several hours for verification and confirmation from Health Management Organization (HMO) record.

We are providing a health solution that does not only address management of records within a hospital but also put health record within the reach of a common man. Gives everybody access to health insurance through our mobile platform. Practically remove long queue of patient in a hospital. Although in a developing economy like ours it has a lot of road block, but we believe they are surmountable.

Photo Credit; Integrated MEDICS

Photo Credit; Integrated MEDICS

What do you see happening in the medical field and what role will integrated Medics play in the future?

In the future Integrated MEDICS will be a major source prediction of outbreak of any diseases by World Health bodies. The efficiency and inefficiency of vaccines and health education in any community will be determined using the data available on this platform. We are currently working on developing a very robust intelligence system (working with Medical consultant), they will work like a human doctor. You may not need to go to hospital in the future before getting your prescriptions, if you have Integrated Medics installed on your mobile phone.

What stirred your interest in medical Technology and what is your career advice to college students studying technology?

I lost two of my relatives and up till today there is no single diagnosis pointing to the cause of their death. One can’t even see any record about their health apart from the one that took their life. Although the loss was painful, I decided not to cast blames but made up my mind to make health delivery system in Nigeria and Africa a wonderful experience.

To college student studying technology, always believe in your dream, and with God on your side everything is possible.

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