Meet OMbra – The World’s First Smart Bra Debuting At #CES2016

Meet OMbra – The World’s First Smart Bra Debuting At #CES2016

Forget the smartwatches that say they’ll be able to monitor your heart rate among other biological vitals to help you keep fit. A San Francisco-based company, OMsignal wants to give the ladies the OMbra, the world’s first smart bra that will be showcasing at this CES 2016: Las Vegas Tech Conference.

Unlike other wearable techs that promise to measure your heart rate and steps, but at the same time are additional accessories that you must strap onto your body. The OMbra is unique in that it is already something most women wear on a daily basis; it is a bra although a smart one. Unlike the other wearable, that will have to introduce new accessories to your clothing.

As Shaz Khang, the Chief Marketing Officer at OMsignal explains, “Women gravitate towards wearables, but they don’t want an item they have to put on or worry about every day. If they’re going to be wearing it all day, they want to get more information.”

OMsignals says the OMbra has been developed through the combined efforts of scientists, smart textile engineers and bra designers. It is thus a product of science and engineering just as much as it’s the product of design and creation.

OMbra Smart Features Monitors

OMsignals says the OMbra can read a woman’s deep biometrics with a greater accuracy thus giving you the best insights. The bra comes with the OM Smart App that shows all your body’s key metrics right there on your smartphone or tablet screen. The OMbra measures:

Your Breathing: The OM Smart App will display breakthrough insights on your breathing, thus enabling you to tune better in on your breathing. Doing this will allow you to have more energy throughout your workouts.

Heart Rate: The app will also show insights on your heart rate. Thus telling you to slow down when you need to or speed things up, and, in turn, avoid under- or over-training.

Monitor your Push: During your strength-training exercises, the OMbra will give you insights of how hard you are pushing yourself. Take, for instance, when you are doing push-ups or squats.

OMsignal will start shipping the OMbra come spring this year. The bra is expected to retail at about $150. You can make pre-order of the OMbra at OMsignals website right now.

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