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Some interesting features have been released on that is a novel for a social media forum. This platform utilizes patent pending technologies that provide the provision to the users to create a dynamic profile video and bid for winning live chats with their favorite celebrities.

The signature feature of provides users the facility to take part in the celebrity auction where the fans can place their bids for grabbing the chance of having live video/voice chats with the hottest stars of today. Fans can also take part in live events, read the positive celebrity news of celebrities on the StarPower blog or they may even download star items in the StarStore.

In addition to the celebrity auction feature of, Meet a Friend feature provides the facility to enhance their social circle by searching for friends based on sex, age, location, profession, and interest. It also provides the feature of real time voice and video chat. It also contains great patent pending features such as a video shuffle chat and dynamic profile video.

The patent pending Meet a

Star feature of the website is a really smart feature. It helps in raising money for charity purposes in addition to meeting celebrities. Meet a Mentor allows the users to access new personal and professional goals by working with the mentors of to achieve more in their lives. One-to-one coaching sessions can be arranged with mentors. The fans may also download eBooks.

The Exchange Forum offers a powerhouse of information that allows the users to search trending forum topics, view

community events, upload infographics, participate in polls, comic strips, and engage in group chats using video or voice chats. The collaborative tools are featured in IdeaSwap that provides the facility of brainstorming.

The founder of the site Adekunle Ayodele, regarded it as future leader of social networking. Ayodele is also Chief Executive Officer of DataBox Technologies. He is quite excited to introduce a wonderful social forum to have personalized, live video and voice chat experience. Ayodele feels that the platform is a wonderful service to raise money for charity purposes while users have access to chatting with their favorite celebrities. The users will also love the range of other services that offers including one-on-one chat, professional mentoring, live events, and group events.

DataBox Technologies, LLC

is basically a private information technology firm that is specialized in digital forums as well as services of information technologies. The company is really working hard to create innovative information technology solutions that aid business and people utilize their combined greatness, and provide their generous contributions to the progress of the human lives. More information can be found at

The Facebook page of can by clicking here and click here to follow them on Twitter.

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