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Memorable & Marketable – What To Consider When Deciding On A Business Name

Memorable & Marketable - What To Consider When Deciding On A Business Name

While it may seem like a more trivial detail, the name of your business can actually make or break your chances for success. Many businesses have had great ideas and a solid business plan but failed to take off due to an error in judgment when coming up with a name.

If you want to avoid falling into this category, then it is important to spend some time going over some essential rules and advice for coming up with a great business name. Indeed, it is important that your business has a business name. Before you can go about registering your business, it is essential to come up with a business name.

Continue reading below to learn more about what you need to consider when you are choosing and registering a business name.


Make Sure You Have Access To The Domain Name

Since the digital environment is such an integral aspect of any business, even if your sales are mostly conducted through a brick-and-mortar location, it is essential that you have access to the domain name of your prospective business name. Without this, you may create confusion with your customers when they search for your business online.

If your domain name has already been purchased, then you can consider purchasing one from an online auction service. However, if your startup is low on capital it may be best to change your name entirely at this early stage.


Create A Unique But Simple Business Name

The name of your business needs to catch the attention of people who are interested in products like yours while remaining simple enough to understand. Your business name will ultimately become part of a much more comprehensive brand. This means that it will be part of a story that invites customers to engage with your business on a repeated basis.

Keeping the longer-term goals of your business and the story that you want to tell should all inform the process of coming up with a unique and descriptive business name.

Think About Visuals

While plain text and black and white colours are clear and simple, they will do little for using your name as a marketing tool. When coming up with a business name, you also need to consider how you will display it through various marketing media. Coming up with a sketch of a logo and deciding on an appropriate font at an early stage will help you keep things clear and consistent from day one.

Make Sure It Is Open For Registration

Before getting too attached to a particular name for your business, it is important to check that the name is open for registration with the trademark office. This can usually be done in a cursory sense through a Google search, though it is important to hire a lawyer to find out if the name is actually available.

If you make all of the above preparations and decide only at a late stage that the name is already taken by another business, then you will have to start from square one. Decide on a name early on and then determine its availability as soon as possible.

Choose Wisely And Be Consistent

If you want to start building a coherent brand for your business, then it is important to choose the nam+e of your business wisely. Following the tips outlined here will help you with the logistical and legal details of naming your business, but it is also important that you are comfortable with the name when everything is completed. If you believe in your business and your brand, then be sure to have confidence in the name you have chosen.

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