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Men leading in online shopping!!

Men leading in online shopping!!

Men leading in online shopping!!

As unbelievable as it sounds, men are actually leading the pack when it comes to online shopping. According to the Africa’s leading online marketplace, Kaymu, 70% of their online shoppers are males who are actively purchasing fashion products such as shoes and t-shirts. We know that men are more than contented to have one pair of black jeans and six shirts to wear throughout the week and they simply don’t like the process of shopping, so how is this possible?

Kaymu’s Head of Seller Management, Steve Momanyi explains “When women go online, they check out the latest trends and brands then buy the item at physical shops but men unconsciously bump into things they like and buy them on the spot”. This is an interesting finding considering the fact that men would rather watch football or have a beer with the boys than go shopping.

It seems that men have quickly learnt that the products they love to buy in shopping centers are also available online in greater selection and that they can take advantage of the convenience of having these items delivered to their doorstep.

One of Kaymus top sellers, UrbanaiTrendz, who sells unisex custom –brand T- shirts confirms that 90% of his clients are men. “when I first started out mid last year, I was targeting female clients because I knew they are the biggest spenders, only to my surprise” He says, “even the few female clients I get don’t make their decisions fast enough as men, they want to know how many colors are available, if they can be able to fit before they buy.  Quite the opposite of men”

It therefore goes without saying that men go shopping to buy what they want and women go shopping to find out what they need.

Men leading in online shopping!!

About Kaymu

Kaymu is the largest and safest online marketplace in Africa, where buyers and sellers meet to exchange everything from Fashion to Phones. Launched in various African countries, Kaymu’s vision is to offer both customers and sellers a shopping experience that is convenient, safe and second to none. The Company is part of Africa Internet Holding, a global and leading incubator of startups specialized in e-commerce. Kaymu Kenya is a venture of the Africa Internet Group (AIG), which supports some of the leading internet companies in the African region. Founded by Rocket Internet, the AIG’s mission is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship throughout Kenya and Africa at large, and to support the development of a vibrant online culture. AIG’s network currently consists of 10 companies, which are operating in 15 countries.

About AIG

Africa Internet Holding is the leading internet group of Africa with already over 1,000 employees in 20 African countries and huge successes such as Jumia, Hellofood, Lamudi, Carmudi, EasyTaxi and Jovago. It is led by top talented leaders offering a great mix of local and international talents and is backed by Millicom, MTN and Rocket Internet.

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