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Microsoft and BMW brings you Skype for Business right in your Dashboard

by Felix Omondi
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The one thing that sticks out in any city be it in a developing country or an industrialized country is traffic jam. More cars are coming onto the roads than there are new roads constructions or expansion. Traffic just seem to be getting longer and longer (slower and slower) over the year.

There is no doubt that we lose a lot of man-hours driving to and from work. Hours that if could be saved for hours will lead to a higher work turnover. But all is not lost, at least not if Microsoft and BMW have their way.

The two companies have partnered to bring you Skype for Business right to your dashboard on the new BMW 5 series. So the next time you are stuck in traffic, and you are running late for a meeting, you can just join everyone for the meeting albeit virtually.

Microsoft announced its partnering with BMW last year on the automaker’s BMW Connected app for iOS devices powered by Azure. In a nutshell, the BMW Connected app is a smart, personalized assistant that learns your mobility patterns and car usage and optimizes your time inside the car. All the while you can control the vehicle through remote commands on the BMW Connected app, which will be your one-stop point for all end-to-end tips planning.

The BMW 5 series was launched in December 2016, and the automaker was also offering customers Office 365 communications and collaboration service via the Microsoft Exchange. Yesterday, at the BMW annual ‘Innovation Days’ event today,’ the automaker announced that Office 365 services will now include Skype for Business.

That is to say, business people driving a BMW 5 series car will be attending meetings via Skype from the comfort of their cars. The app will also alert the driver on all upcoming meetings, give them a heads-up when a meeting has been rescheduled or canceled.

This function will be integrated and managed through the BMW’s iDrive system. The first markets to get this server are France, Germany, and the UK. BMW Senior VP, Digital Products, and Services, Dieter May said,

With BMW Connected we offer a wide range of digital services designed to help users with their daily mobility needs inside and outside of the car. We seek to continuously extend and enhance the customer experience with regard to all aspects of their mobility. The integration of productivity features in-car (like Exchange and Skype for Business) and personalized and contextual services will help customers with their day-to-day work and planning while they are on the road.

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