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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s Multi Million Dollar Pay Package Revealed

by Fahad Saleem

 Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s Multi Million Dollar Pay Package Revealed 

The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella strictly advised the women not to ask for the increase in salaries, even though he is paid $84m. The chief of tech giant received $79.8 in stock options when he took over the control of the company earlier this year. He holds the basic salary of $919, 000. He also earned the bonus of $3.6m.

As a part of the total yearly package of Satya Nadella, just over $7 million of the stock options were paid. The huge $79.8m also includes a one-time amount “special-retention award” which is worth $13.5 million as well as a long-term performance award of worth $52.9 million, depending upon the performance of the company. The latter two awards are due till 2021.

Mr. Nadella made harsh comments about the pay packages of women employees. He apologized for his comments. He said that the past week has been quite a humbling experience for him. He also learnt from the criticism over his rude comments.

The apology of Mr. Nadella came at the event in San Francisco held recently. He admitted the fact that he was wrong in answering one of the questions. He took his own experience and then sprung it on half of the humanity. His salary is more than his predecessors. Bill Gates and Steve Balmer were never close to Satya Nadella, in terms of awards and bonuses. The previous CEOs were big shareholders of the company, but they were not lucky as Mr. Nadella.

The CEO of Microsoft regarded his comments about the increase in salary of women as completely inarticulate. He has now retracted the remarks to consolidate his position in the eyes of the employees. He said that the employees should have faith in the discipline, and they will certainly get their desired awards.

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