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Microsoft Changes SkyDrive’s Name to OneDrive

by Fahad Saleem

Get ready to use a new service by Microsoft. Actually it is not new, but a newer name to its old service; namely Skydrive. Microsoft is renaming its SkyDrive cloud storage to OneDrive. I don’t know why this is but it’s not going to change much according to latest news. It is rumored that Microsoft is still working to bring some sort of changes which is quite reasonable and charming too. Microsoft announced that the name change will soon take place with almost no change in its current features and settings, though they did not specify a date. OneDrive will continue to operate as you expect it to and have all the data which you stored before on SkyDrive.

It is not the first time that Microsoft is changing its brand name due to a naming issue. After losing a six month court battle with the British satellite broadcaster BskyB , Microsoft was forced to change the name of Skydrive to One Drive. Although Microsoft said that they would try to appeal the name change, they didn’t.

Conceptually, SkyDrive is a more appropriate name. It gives the idea of something that is not on the computer you’re working on, but off in the sky somewhere else. OneDrive makes sense in that its a one drive for all your devices. Why choose the name OneDrive ? Microsoft explained that it is because it is the “one place for everything in your life”. Microsoft also had to terminate referring to its Tile design as Metro after German company Metro AG threatened legal action in late 2012.

Believe it or not, name has a significant effect. I mean if you suggest a monotonous name, you simply can’t expect your product to give an amazing result. On the other side, if you choose a funky or exciting name it will definitely effect your product and people will be attracted toward your product.

The question here arises is that, will this name change effect the market of Microsoft? It does not seems to be a matter of life and death but still when we talk about these tech giants, little things count a lot. If I talk about myself, it does not have much effect on me. I mean, whatever the name of the product is, I will not stop using it, which shows that Microsoft doesn’t have to worry about their market if they are successful in maintaining the quality of their services.

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