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Microsoft Does Not Own Windows 10 (dot) com Web Domain Name

by Felix Omondi
Microsoft Does Not Own Windows10 (dot) com Web Domain Name

The web domain naturally seems like something Microsoft would own and showcase all the information regarding its next flagship OS Windows 10. It now emerges that is in fact owned by a different individual or company and are not affiliated with the Redmond, tech giant.

Rumors and speculations doing rounds in the tech streets seem to suggest that this could be an oversight by Microsoft. Perhaps it could be a canny individual speculatively signed up for the domain name way ahead of Microsoft Corporation. Be that as it may, one thing is for sure, Microsoft cannot advertise its next flagship operating system under Well, at least not as long as the Redmond Company has not come to some negotiations with the owner of the domain name.

For legal reasons, has made it categorically clear that it is not affiliated with Microsoft Corporation. A text at the bottom of the homepage reads: is independent and not affiliated with Microsoft Corporation © 2015 Windows Commentary.”

Cases of a major company or individual finding out that a domain name, that probably sounds relevant to them is unavailable have been many in the past. There are always some opportunistic fellows with some brilliant speculations register a domain name hoping they will be able to sell it to the natural owners of such Internet destinations. There are some opportunists, who have been successful, but there are others who have been met by court battles and the judges ruled in favor of addresses’ obvious owners.

However, experts say Microsoft is least likely to take the matter to court. Given, the site is currently providing information relevant to that domain. The other option open for Microsoft is to ignore completely that domain name and register a new one for its flagship operating system. Of course, there is always the easy option of buying the domain name from its current owner, but many big corporations like playing hardball in such cases. Albeit buying the domain is a trivial matter for a company of Microsoft caliber, many businesses would rather use that option as the last resort.

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