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Microsoft’ Edge browser coming to a Mac near you

by Milicent Atieno
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Microsoft recently confirmed rumors that it plans to jump ship from the EdgeHTML engine to the Chromium open-source engine. The company is essentially planning on ditching its Edge browser for a new Chrome-like browser.

In the sideline, it also emerged that Microsoft is also working on availing the Edge browser on the macOS ecosystem. In a blog post, Microsoft’s Vice President of Windows, Joe Belfiore wrote that the company is moving towards a “better” web experience on Edge. They plan to run the Edge browser on Blink and V8 JavaScript engines under Chromium. A move the company says will also improve compatibility across websites.

Perhaps the people who will be among the first users to enjoy the new Chromium Edge browsers are developers. As there will be a better compliance with today’s web standards and other Chromium-based browsers like Opera and Chrome.

Microsoft also intends to begin pushing out updates for Edge more frequently to all users on supported Windows version. The company also hopes that now it is jumping into the Chromium bandwagon, there will be more development in the platform.

How will Edge fair on macOS?

The macOS platform already has two browsers that are difficult to replace. The first being Google Chrome and the macOS native Safari browser. Edge will definitely have an uphill task trying to oust these two from their current market position.

As for current users of Edge browser, you don’t have to do anything to receive the planned rollout of Chromium version of the browser. It will simply roll in as an update.

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