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Microsoft Edge preview for Android gets an update; now has more useful features

by Felix Omondi
microsoft edge preview for android

Microsoft has released a new update to its recently launched Edge preview for Android mobile browser.

The latest version ( comes with an attractive dark theme and gives you the options of changing the default color from the default, light, and dark theme. However, more importantly, the new Edge preview for Android browser now supports sync for passwords, favorites, reading list, your customized news feeds, and history.

It also now supports multiple search engines options, can auto-fill forms, and can be set up as your default browser on your Android device. This part makes perfect sense for PC users who used the Edge browser by default, as it only makes sense for them to continue using their favorite browser even when they are on their mobile devices.

To enjoy the seamless sync between your desktop and mobile using Edge browser, you will have to log into your Microsoft account on the Edge preview for Android browser. A process that will take you through a two-step authentication process. It might be of interest also to point out that the browser uses WekKit rendering engine, so it runs smoothly and sufficiently fast on most Android devices.

How to install Edge preview for Android

Microsoft is currently running the mobile Edge browser on Android and iOS in beta stage and thus it is not available to everyone just yet. If you would like to install it on your mobile device today, you will need to sign up for the beta preview program at this link, and then head over to this link to install it to your Android device.

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