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Microsoft Has Acquired SwiftKey, The Predictive Texting Keyboard App

by Felix Omondi
Microsoft Has Acquired SwiftKey, The Predictive Tech Keyboard App

January 3rd, SwiftKey made a big announcement on its blog page; it announced that it is joining Microsoft. Microsoft has bought SwiftKey and wants to integrate its predictive tech technology onto its keyboards. More specifically, the company wants to integrate SwiftKey technology into its Word Flow keyboard.

Currently, there are many keyboard apps with the swipe technology, but SwiftKey’s neural network engine takes it to a whole new level. The technology enables SwiftKey keyboard to predict an entire message base on the user’s writing style.

If you currently use SwiftKey on your Android or iOS device, the company says its download from the respective app stores and usage will not be affected by the Microsoft acquisition.

About SwiftKey

SwiftKey was co-founded by Jon Reynolds and Ben Medlock about eight years ago. These two friends believed that there was a need for a better way for typing on touchscreen devices. They designed SwiftKey and today the keyboard has hundreds of millions of users around the world.

The company says that many of the leading device manufacturers use their predictive text technology. The keyboard is also said to have saved users an estimated 10 trillion keystrokes in over 100 different languages; adding up to more than 100,000 years of reclaimed time that would otherwise been used for typing.

For more details about the SwiftKey acquisition by Microsoft, click here.

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