Microsoft Hopes To Rejuvenate Developers’ Enthusiasm On Its Mobile Platform With Windows 10


Microsoft Hopes To Rejuvenate Developers’ Enthusiasm On Its Mobile Platform With Windows 10

Come Wednesday, January 21st, Microsoft will be unveiling details about its new Windows 10 at an event to be held at its headquarters near Seattle. Tech analysts say that the Windows 10 is Microsoft latest attempt to win over developers, by enabling them to easily adapt PC apps to mobile devices. The goal by Microsoft is to increase the number of apps for its mobile devices and thus lift the sale of its smartphones.

Since 2011, the company has been trying to catch up with Apple and Google in the smartphones business. A competition that led to Microsoft acquiring Finnish device maker, Nokia, at a price tag of over $7 billion, as the company wanted to better control both the hardware and software component for its new interest in the mobile business. But still, Microsoft is far from being considered a big player in the smartphone business in virtually all of the world’s market.

Stats show that Microsoft smartphone’s world market share stood at below 3 percent in the Q3, lower than the previous year. But perhaps the most critical aspect working against Microsoft as far as its mobile platform is concerned is the fact that app developers who can either make or break a platform by showing support or completely ignoring it. In the case of Microsoft, app developers have largely ignored it and are more interested in the Android and iOS platform.

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This is exactly what Microsoft seeks to change with its Windows 10 which the company says will enable developers to easily adapt PC applications to the mobile platform. Given that Microsoft commands a big share of the PC operating system around the world. Analyst sees a potential for Microsoft revamping enthusiasm among developers to come app with apps for the Windows Mobile platform.

This move, credited to Satya Nadella, who took over the mantle as the chief executive for Microsoft about a year ago, is seen as Microsoft’s best shot at becoming a profitable venture on the mobile platform. Analysts say Nadella has placed Microsoft’s overall approach on the mobile platform in a more practical direction. In 2014, he released Microsoft’s Office suite of applications for both the Android and iOS platform. He also improved developers tools for nearly all device brands.

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