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Microsoft is euthanizing Windows 10 Mobile at end of this year then Windows 7 next year

Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update has begun rolling out to phones

Microsoft still has its hands firmly gripping its euthanizing syringe, and just a few days after it announced it will end support for Windows 7, it announces the end of Windows 10 Mobile.

Come December 10, 2019, users of Windows 10 Mobile will no longer receive support from Microsoft. That essentially means you will be on your own to combat all the cyber threats out there. Should there be any gaping hole of vulnerability discovered post-Dec-10-2019, Microsoft will not move a finger trying to fix that.

Here’s your cue to switch to Android or iOS

Microsoft is essentially telling you that you have about a year to switch to alternative platforms; iOS or Android. Though the company says it will give you a bit extra time post the deadline to back up your data, Windows 10 Mobile is essentially dead.

If you have been following Microsoft’s activities closely, then you already know the end of Windows 10 Mobile began in 2017. When Microsoft stop further work on the mobile operating system.

Microsoft instead of working on its mobile operating system, the company has been putting much effort into releasing a series of tools for competing platforms like Android and iOS. As can be attested to with the release of mobile version of the Edge browser, Android launcher, Cortana, Windows Timeline integration and much more.

You should also note Microsoft has recently been warming up to Linux, an open-source and third-party software. One can say, it is embracing a competing desktop operating system.

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