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Microsoft just enriched Chromium keyboard scrolling experience, beating even Chrome

This is a classic case of the visitor becoming more comfortable in the home than the owner. Microsoft began causing a stir when it announced it is jumping into the Chromium bandwagon. Ever since that day, the Redmond-tech giant keeps the flames burning hot, with one feature after the other; just simply trying to outshine Google, the platform owner.

Its latest stint is a feature we think might make you love the new Microsoft Edge Canary, perhaps more than you love using Chrome. Running on both the Chromium and Blink rendering engine, the new Edge browser already has more to offer than Google’s Chrome.

As it gets both of two worlds; good

features from the old Edge browser are ported to the Chrome experience. Allowing users in Edge not only be able to access extensions, and other cool features on Chrome, but the best features of Edge as well.

Speaking of Edge’s features, Microsoft believes it can improve the Chromium scrolling experience. The company has just released a new feature that will make your scrolling based on the page’s percentage area.

A move the company says is in line with its mission to improve keyboard-based scrolling experience. As it works out, each keyboard-based scrolling will be interpreted in terms of the percentage of the web page’s size. As the company explains:

Keyboard arrow scrolling and scrollbar button scrolling should also scroll a percentage of the scrollable area when percent based scrolling is enabled.

This CL adds plumbing from the base: feature to blink, and uses 1/8th as the percentage to use for directional scrolls via keyboard arrows or scrollbar buttons. Adds a test suite that runs scrollbar tests in percentage mode.

Keyboard is currently handled on the main thread so we just use the runtimeFlag toggling via javascript and eventSender,” writes Daniel Libby, a Microsoft Edge team member.


You can give the Edge Chromium version a try today, a lot of users say it’s Microsoft attempt to reassert its dominance in the browser space. Like it once did with the now-defunct Internet Explorer.

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