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Microsoft Launcher has now over 1m Active Users, 5m Downloads, and 4.6 ratings on Play Store

That microsoft makes superior apps for its competitor platforms like Android and iOS is no secret. The Redmond tech defunct Windows Phone simply could not keep up with the competition, and Microsoft has to adapt a new strategy.

The company moved from its mobile-first policy to cloud-first policy, and damn, the company is making killer apps for Android and iOS running from the cloud. One of which is the Microsoft Launcher, which was known as Arrow Launcher up to until recently when it was renamed.

Microsoft Launcher is one of the best launchers you could have on your Android phone; though made by Google’s competitor, it does a pretty damn good job in complementing your frequently used applications on the phone.

You only need to look at the number of active users the app has got, to appreciate the functionalities of the launcher. The app was #1 trending app on Google Play Store in the previous week, and has hit over 5 million downloads so far with a rating of 4.6. Additionally, Joshua Bradley, a UX Designer at Microsoft has revealed that the app registeres about 1 million active users.

There’s no doubt Microsoft is working overtime to make sure people on competitor’s platform enjoy using its products and services. A move experts say was an adaptation to the inability of Windows Phone to compete with (especially) Android smartphones.

Microsoft Launcher features

The Microsoft Launcher has many features including the ability to let you (the user) customize feeds, download Bing wallpapers, get news alerts, and customize gestures on your home screen among others.

As icing on the cake, the Launcher comes with the ‘Continue of PC’ feature that enables you send files, images, documents, and websites to your Windows 10 PC via OneDrive. The Launcher appeals best to users who want to keep their home screen clear of clutter and simply.

You can give the Microsoft Launcher a try by installing it on your Android device right now from the Play Store at this link.

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