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Microsoft launches Azure ExpressRoute in Kenya for a secure connection to the cloud via SEACOM

Microsoft has struck a deal with SEACOM that will see its cloud storage customers in Kenya get express and highly secured connection to the cloud. The service dubbed Azure ExpressRoute will link on-premise network directly to the Microsoft Cloud through a private connection provided by the SEACOM.

The SEACOM dedicated connection will connect Kenyan users to one of the 152

Microsoft data centers across the world. The dedicated private Ethernet connection between the data centers and the user will fortify security of the system, as it will not be routed through the public internet.

With cloud computing, the price reduction of internet connectivity and accessibility, you are able to compete at a global scale,”

said Carl Martens, a Microsoft East Africa Azure Specialist.

Currently, Microsoft has installed 152 data centers across the world, but none of them are based in Africa. However, the company is reportedly working on installing two additional data centers in Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa by the end of this year.

The two data centers will be the first data centers by a major global tech company in Africa. For Microsoft cloud storage usage in Kenya and around Africa, the two data centers in South Africa will be closer which means less latency.

All the Microsoft data centers are connected through the Azure backbone network, the third most extensive network in the world after that of Amazon and Google. With the Azure ExpressRoute, Kenyans will now access the data centers through the same secured-infrastructure like companies such as General Electric and Rolls Royce.

In the event of an outage, SEACOM guarantees users of backup fiber routes. There will also be rebates in cases of complete failure. Previously, many customers opted out of various cloud storage services or scaled down on their use since there were no guaranteed speeds.

Felix Omondi

Kenyan citizen with a passion for writing for as long as I can remember. In my spare time, I like to blog and read up on trends that's happening around the world.

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