Microsoft new Windows 10 Cloud want to give Chrome OS a run for its money

Microsoft new Windows 10 Cloud want to give Chrome OS a run for its money

When it comes to the desktop space, Microsoft has for long had a largely unrivaled run. The only competitor worth mentioning has been Apple’s computers; but due to their devices prices, it has limited itself to just the upper market in mostly developed countries.

However, Google with its Chrome OS has continually and successfully been on a charm campaign to win over Windows and MacOS computers users. By offering them a cheaper, more robust alternative computers running the Chrome OS; the Chromebooks.

Google onslaught into Microsoft market has been steady and gaining momentum. Microsoft has copied a page from the Google onslaught-book and wants to give it a taste of its own medicine. It first started out with Windows RT, but it failed to take off. Microsoft made another try with Windows 8, which was a half-baked idea from the get-go, prompting a hasty fix that delivered Windows 8.1, then Windows 8.1 Update.

As seen in recent Windows 10 test built, it has emerged Microsoft has been working on Windows 10 Cloud. Windows 10 Cloud is a stripped-down version of Windows 10 that runs Microsoft’s Universal apps right from the Windows store.

Microsoft wants to avail the stripped-down Windows 10 Cloud to low-cost devices, and hopefully, OEMs will warm up to the new operating system. As to the date when Microsoft will avail the Windows 10 Cloud version, is not officially known. But an informed guess would be in April when they launch the Windows 10 Creators Update. Alternatively, it could be at the end of the year when the planned second update of Windows 10 is scheduled.

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